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Chain Pulley Block

Product Description

  • Load lifting & suspension hooks are as per ISS 3815 or BSS 482.
  • All gears are accurately machine cut from special alloy steel and case hardened.
  • Load lifting chains are short link calibrated of high tensile steel as per ISS No. 6216 (Part II) / 1970, grade 80.
  • Screw and friction disc type self actuating load pressure brake, duly hardened to eliminate wear.
  • Rigid frame built of mild steel sections.
  • Load wheel and hand chain wheel made of M.I. or graded cast iron castings.
  • Each chain block tested to 50 % safe overload and supplied with test certificate.
  • Load wheel is mounted on two ball bearings for smooth operation.
  • Chain blocks confirm to ISS No. 3832 in all respects and duty class II.
  • Standard lift manufactured 3 meters, but can be supplied in any longer lift.
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