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Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Product Description

Brakes :
Adjustable, self re-setting fail-safe electromagnetic dics or shoe type brakes rated for minimum 150 % of hoist motor torque are used. Cross travel motor can also be coupled with a suitable brake at extra cost.

Rope Drum:
Seamless pipe or steel-fabricated with machined spiral grooves to accommodate wire-rope in a single layer. Drum length is selected to retain minimum two full turns of the rope with the hook in lowest position.

Wire Rope :
6/19 or 6/37 construction ungalvanised steel wire ropes as per IS : 2266 are used to provide adequate factor of safety.

Trapezoidal section forged steel hooks as per IS : 8610/3815 mounted on ball thrust bearings & free to swivel are used.

Limit Switch :
Snap-action type limit switches are provided in each hoist to prevent over-hoisting or over-lowering of the hook blook beyond operating limits.

AAR PEE Electric hoists are fitted with motorized trolleys factory adjusted for various beam sizes to suit purchasers requirements with wheels mounted on bearings, oil bath lubricated totally enclosed gear boxes coupled to crane duty electric motors as per IS : 325. Alternatively, hand-chain-driven/pull-push-type trolleys or hook/bolt suspension arrangement can also be incorporated.

All motions are controlled from ground level through a push-button station suspended from the hoist & operated on 110 volts A.C. supply for safety of the operator.

Control Panel
A totally enclosed dust and vermin proof control panel is provided on hoist frame housing direct on reversing type air break contactors, HRC Fuses, step cown transformer and other electricals. All AAR-PEE Hoists can also be fitted with a single phasing preventor.

Creep Speed:
An attachment to achieve 1/10th of the main hoisting speed through an additional motor and planetary gearing can be provided on all Hoists at extra cost.

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