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Heat Shrinkable Range of Products

Product Description

  • Indoor and outdoor termination
  • Straight through joints transition joints between plastic and paper insulated cables.

  • Special joints for control, aviation, telecom, mining trailing cables of similar or dissimilar sizes.

  • Right angle boot and shrouds bus bar insulation shrinkable tapes, tubes and materials.

  • Corrosion control tubes for pipes

  • Special wrap around sleeves

  • Cables repair kits

  • Wall breakouts

  • Cable End capsShrinkable profiles

Conformance to International / Indian Standards (VDE-0278) / IEEE48 / ETDC59 (2368)R

Heat Shrinkable terminations/joints have the unique distinction of having qualified all the test parameters provided in the Indian / International Standards in continuation on the same test specimen. The jointing kits have qualified all the grueling tests given in the ETDC59 (2368) which has the most exhaustive series of tests coupled with punitive severity of test parameters hitherto unmatched by any other standard.

Heat Shrinkable Component Testing & Performance
All major components of joints/terminations have been tested as per the provisions of ESI 09-13 and stand qualified.

Quality Assurance
Quality which means specified and reliable performance, is an obsession with all the people-right from rank and file to the Chairman. A comprehensive quality assurance programme, comprising of incoming material testing, in process and final testing schedule along with acceptance norms has been effectively implemented, resulting in attainment of quality by design and not be control. Vigorous efforts and structural changes are in process to achieve conformance to ISO 9000/ISI 14000.