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Transmission Line Hardware

Product Description

The Following items are offered by us:

  1. G.I. Pins for 11kv / 22kv / 33kv pin insulators
  2. G.I. Stay sets, Turn Buckles
  3. Bolted come along clamps.
  4. Parallel groove clamp.
  5. Strain and Cross arm straps.
  6. Ball and socket type hardware fittings.
  7. Anchor and twisted shackles.
  8. Busbar Connectors.
  9. Compression joints, repair sleeves dead end assemblies.

All fittings fro insulators are either made of forged steel or heat treated malleable cast iron. Suspension and tension clamps are made of aluminium alloy. Materials used for midspan joints, repair sleeves, dead end assemblies are extruded aluminium alloys. For ground wire accessories the steel used are of tested quality. Our ball and socket coupling are in accordance with IS:2486 Part II or IEC standard 120. All conductor and ground wire accessories are in accordance with IS:2121.

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