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Transmission Line Tools

Product Description

We offer the following items required for stringing and erection of transmission lines:

  1. Four Sheave sagging pulley.
  2. Aerial aluminium roller.
  3. Double pulley aerial roller.
  4. Earth wire roller.
  5. Single aerial roller.
  6. Steel earth wire roller.
  7. Four / three / double / single sheave pulley block.
  8. Bolted type come along clamp for ACSR /earth wire.
  9. Single shave ground roller.
  10. Double shave ground roller.
  11. Tripod stand.
  12. Heavy duty tum buckle.
  13. Tum Table, drum lifting jack.
  14. Hydraulic Dynamometer.
  15. Hydraulic compressor.
  16. Sagging winch, sagging bridge.

Any specific tool as pr drawing can also be made by us.